Team Sleep | ice ache

When I’m dead, will you be sad?
I couldn’t live without you.

Very soon we’ll be erased.
Forget how to count tense we used.
Then realize that, oh God,
you were not aware I was in love with you.

You didn’t have to run, stop run
Just keep me where I want.
We’re frozen. Yeah, we’re frozen.
You knew how good it felt to be home.

I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering I love you repeatedly as they struggle to escape from my arms

Stop The Fuckin’ Car - Circa Survive

Crosses - Trophy - Daytrotter Session at Studio Paradiso

"And If I last through the winter,
I swear to you now I won’t call” 

“Sometimes, loving your body is not an option. Sometimes, the best we can do is accept our bodies as the changeable, beautiful, frustrating vessels they are. That’s OK. Expecting yourself to have a full-on love affair with your body at all times is asking too much. Bodies are occasionally annoying. What we can do is know them, and decide for ourselves when they feel good, and when they feel less good, and what we might do to make them feel better again. Even if we can’t love our bodies, we can make sure we don’t hate them.” — Lesley Kinzel 

Crosses - Goodbye Horses - Daytrotter Session at Studio Paradiso